Project Brussels

In this stunning villa, we had the opportunity to design and create a completely new kitchen, with carte blanche from our client, we were able to unleash our creativity. We opted for a unique ceramic pattern, art deco inspired, colorful with a Mediterranean touch, forming the common thread throughout the kitchen concept. The backsplash mirrors […]

Project Tielt

We had the pleasure of designing an artistic artisanal wall for the office of renowned Belgian architect, Bernard Declerck. Drawing inspiration from the heart of this creative space, we designed fully customized, geometrical handmade ceramic surfaces that playfully surround a small central plane. To reflect the beauty of nature, we selected an intense Mediterranean color […]

Project Sint Martens Latem

We had the privilege of transforming an old long table in a beautiful rural farmhouse near Sint Martens Latem into a more functional yet authentically charming piece. Using our handmade ceramics, we created built-in cupboards, dining surfaces, and a fitted washbasin – all colored in soft, earthy glazes that add a warm and inviting touch […]

Project Knokke

We were thrilled to be given the opportunity to conceive and realize an entire concept for an exclusive project located in the famous ‘Zoute’ – ‘Knokke’ town on the Belgian coast. This allowed us to fully integrate our Nestor & Rosten artisanal furniture collection into a stunning decor that perfectly reflects our brand. The minimalist, […]

Project Gent

We had the pleasure of completely refurbishing a spacious top floor space in a historic mansion located in the beautiful Belgian city of Ghent. To give the space a truly unique twist, the owner opted for a bold and colorful N&R made-to-measure kitchen. We combined our handmade ceramics with a precious acacia wood interior finish […]

Project Dok Noord

Inspired by the serene beauty of a white snowy landscape surrounded by a blue sky, we created a stunning design that perfectly captures that essence. The result is a sleek, minimalist aesthetic that’s both modern and inviting. But what truly sets this project apart is the imperfection of the artisanal finishes. These perfectly imperfect touches […]

Project Brussels

At Nestor & Rosten, we take pride in creating unique and personalized designs that perfectly match your vision. In this beautiful new home, we created a kitchen concept that seamlessly blends organic and geometric patterns and lines, resulting in a stunning and functional space. The highlight of the kitchen is the island top, made of […]

Project Brugge

During the renovation of a historic mansion in the Belgian city of Ghent, a spacious top floor space was completely refurbished. The owner wanted to give the space a visibly unique twist and therefore opted for an N&R made-to-measure kitchen in a bold color palette. The handmade ceramic was combined with an interior finish in […]