Devi Vervaeke \\ Owner Nestor & Rotsen

The natural beauty
of organic shapes

The story of Nestor & Rotsen began with Devi Vervaeke, whose passion for material development ignited during his formative years. Growing up as the children of an painter and the grandchildren of a skilled furniture craftsman, Devi and his brother Denneb were immersed in a world of creativity from a young age. Despite pursuing different educational paths — Devi as a contemporary classical pianist and composer, and Denneb as a graphic designer — their shared love for materials brought them together after completing their studies. In their quest to explore their artistic roots, the brothers embarked on a journey of material experimentation. Denneb nurtured the growth of their patina workshop, while Devi began sculpting with various materials. It wasn’t long before he discovered the captivating allure of ceramics, inspired by the textures, colors, shapes, and organic erosions found in nature. This revelation sparked a vision that soon blossomed into an extraordinary collection, unlike anything seen before — Nestor & Rotsen.
The Brothers Devi Vervaeke \\ owner Nestor & Rotsen and Denneb Vervaeke \\ Owner Atelier Nest
Nothing is more perfect than natural imperfects geometric shapes
N&R has assembled an exceptional team, with Barbara Deriemaeker leading the sales department. Not only does she excel in driving sales, but she also plays a pivotal role in the creative production process. Additionally, she shares a personal and professional partnership with Devi Vervaeke, together they have three daughters. Barbara honed her skills at the esteemed Sint Lucas Gent School of Art, where she specialized in sculpture. Her outstanding performance led to her graduation with honors and the acquisition of a master’s degree in Fine Arts. Over the years, she has gained invaluable sales expertise through her active participation in prestigious trade shows and exhibitions.
Barbara Deriemaker \\ Sales & productions
A few years after the establishment of N&R, Jielt Gregoire joined the team, bringing his expertise to the forefront of product development. With great enthusiasm, he designs and develops innovative creations, showcasing a strong interest in materials that quickly sparked a creative connection. Additionally, Jielt shares his knowledge as a product developer and also teaches ceramics. He graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, specializing in sculpture and drawing. Prior to that, he completed a program at the Royal Technical Atheneum, specializing in Mechanical Design Techniques. For his final project, he crafted a comfortable lounger, featuring a minimalist frame that highlights the craftsmanship of the piece. “Trigger” is composed of 190 handmade ceramic links made from Belgian clay.
Jielt Gregoire \\ N&R designer
Since those early days, Nestor & Rotsen has evolved into a renowned design studio and a thriving workshop where their unique creations come to life. The world has taken notice, and their captivating designs have garnered global acclaim.

N&R Flagstore


The N&R Flagstore is situated in the beautiful and picturesque village of Deurle, known for its rich artistic history, located in the authentic region of Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium. Deurle boasts a legacy of renowned artists and is home to several museums such as the Dhont Museum, Gustav De Smet Museum, and Lean De Smet Museum.

Once an art gallery, their flagship store now immerses you in the captivating world of Nestor & Rotsen. Step inside and indulge in a sensory experience, surrounded by a plethora of materials, textures, and, of course, their remarkable creations. Embark on a journey of discovery by scheduling an appointment to explore the exceptional designs brought to life by Nestor & Rotsen. De workshops of Nestor & Rotsen are based in Waardamme near the historical city Brugge.